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Texa-Cote Color-Wall Insulated Render System 100 mm thick super insulation layer (R 3.5) meets most European & North American insulation standards


Certified resistant to termites and fire to bushfire attach level 29 or 40 (Special Version)

Texa-Cote Color-Wall is a new advanced evolution in insulated render systems but is based on proven methods used by Texa-Cote in over 1000 installations in Australia since 1996

The Texa-Cote team have 20 years experience with insulated render in Australia & use trained, qualified tradesmen that have many years experience with these systems. Licencee Atenisi (Dennis) Akauola personally supervises every job

The Texa-Cote Color-Wall Insulated Rendered Wall System totally transforms existing non-brick home exteriors into Super Insulated Color-Wall Homes


Texa-Cote Colour-Wall is suitable for application to any timber framed structure & can be installed over or replace timber weatherboards, fibro, fibre-cement (hard plank), metal, vinyl & pvc cladding & can be installed using existing timber or aluminium windows or with new windows


Texa-Cote Colour-wall render can be applied without an insulation layer to existing brick or concrete construction

Product Information

Texa-Cote Color-Wall Maintenance Free Insulated Wall System

Not Normal Cement Render

Normal Cement rendered & painted surfaces require regular cleaning & painting to keep looking good & they are dull, non-reflective, porous, can become stained and dirty


Normal cement render is not suitable for application over non-brick walls as it cannot absorb the movement due to expansion and / or foundations & soil movement resulting in bulges or cracks

Not “blue board” or aerated cement which are rigid & prone to joint cracking on a timber framed pier foundation building

Texa-Cote Color-Wall is flexible & can absorb normal building movement without cracking, it is finished with our exclusive multi-layered & reinforced waterproof permanently coloured render system with a bright clean appearance

You can choose from 1,000 colours


All materials used are sourced in Australia & meet Australian Building Standards