Texa-Cote uses products  that is made in Australia

NRG Greenboard insulated wall cladding

  • 6-star energy rating
  • Thermal rating 1.92R to 3.96R
  • Termite retardant
  • Fire resistance BAL/29
  • Acoustic Values (RW38)
  • Exceptional thermal qualities
  • 98% entrapped air
  • 50mm/75mm/100mm thickness
  • Seam-free rendered finish

For more information about this insulated product click the link below for more details


Fibro Mesh/PM100 Acrylic render

  • Render with high build poly modified render with fibro mesh/PM100 for high impact strength

  • Protect walls from cracking

Dalai Lama

  • Rockcote Coloured Render System textures are tined to any colour. Because the colour is integrated into the texture, properties are finished without the use of paint.

  • All Rockcote'products have 7 years warranty

For more information of acrylic render and texture, colour finishing go visit RockCote by clicking the link below  https://rockcote.com.au/products